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Here Is What You'll Learn: 

Day 1: How to Identify easy vs hard cases and how not to get stuck!

"As a GP, the first day of a 3rd molar surgery challenge provides an opportunity to play an important role in the selection process by referring patients with appropriate indications to the oral surgeon if necessary." GPs can help ensure that only suitable cases selected for third molar surgery are safe to proceed with and will have successful outcomes by identifying patients with symptoms such as pain, swelling, infection, or cyst formation.

Day 2: Unlock the Magical Words to get ANY patient to say yes to your treatment! 

"I'm looking forward to Day 2 of our 5-day 3rd Molar Challenge!" We'll reveal the key to convincing ANY patient to accept your treatments. We'll give you the tools you need to increase patient acceptance and grow your practice, from effective communication techniques to building trust with your patients. Assignments for homework and an interactive workbook are included. Join us for this empowering and life-changing experience!

Day 3: Discover the Real Techniques of 3rd Molar Surgery and see the distinct difference between how you were taught in school.

The techniques and approaches you'll learn on Day 3 are the result of years of experience and research, and they've been shown to work in the real world.
You will be able to provide the best possible care to your patients and set yourself apart from other practitioners who may be relying solely on what they learned in school if you learn these cutting-edge techniques.

Day 4: Identify what to do when you find yourself getting into trouble and promote Patient Safety.

By understanding the warning signs of potential complications, you will be better prepared to take action and minimize any potential risks to the patient."

"Day 4 will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to handle any challenge that may arise during a 3rd molar surgery, which will give you and your patients peace of mind and confidence."

Day 5: How to Manage Closeness to the IAN, Stubborn Roots, and Horizontal Impactions

On Day 5, you will learn advanced techniques for managing complex 3rd molar cases, including closeness to the Inferior Alveolar Nerve (IAN), stubborn roots, and horizontal impaction, giving you the skills to handle any case that comes your way with confidence and expertise."

Meet Your Professor

Dr. Williams’ expertise is 3rd Molar Surgery. He is not an oral surgeon, but rather a general practitioner like you. He understands how it feels to refer problematic cases and to have cases referred to him. Working as a traveling surgeon to million dollar practices to working in Medicaid mils, his unique experience has fueled a desire to share his knowledge.

In Houston, TX, he works as a clinical assistant professor in the UT Health School of Dentistry GPR and AEGD program. Serving as an expert witness in a multi-million dollar lawsuit. He is an author and international lecturer who has assisted over 6,000 general practitioners since 2014, while also performing 12k surgical procedures. Dr. Williams is committed to assisting general practitioners in safely removing 3rd molars with confidence and ease.
He studied the best techniques for mentoring GPs like you for over a decade!

Dr. Williams is now passing on everything he's learned to practice owners and associates all over the country and the world.
He is also the creator of the JW Method, a teaching platform designed to assist GPs in becoming more profitable and regaining control of their  careers.
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